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Columbus Ohio Therapist

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Statistics have it that more than a quarter of adults in the state of Ohio are currently suffering from one mental health issue or the other. Infact, 80% of us are subject to experiencing a treatable mental health concern in our adult life. Mental Health issues take on many different forms. These issues are caused by unnecessary stressors and maladaptive coping strategies which you need to better understand, process and address as recommended through expert counseling.

For example, going through life changes such as a lengthy divorce procedure can be depressing. Also, a nagging worry or an unhealthy inclination can result in emotional stress, and various mental health issues. In situations like this, seeing a professionalColumbus Ohio therapist will greatly help.

A lot of the time, what causes our pain doesn’t even have to do with us. Instead, it involves those around us, such as our loved ones.

How Can a Columbus Ohio Therapist Help?

If you’re going through any mental health issue, it's time to see a professional Columbus Ohio therapist such as Matt McTeague.

Using proven therapeutic interventions, Matt McTeague has been able to identify patients’ life stressors and help them lead a happier, more positive life.

Mental Diagnosis

Mental health concerns can take the form of disorders that can creep into everyday life. If you are worried about things that you have little control over, to the point of an obsession that affects your daily living, that’s probably a sign of treatable disorder that you can address in a healthy fashion.

In such a situation, what you want is an accurate diagnosis. If you underplay the consequences, it could turn out that the condition is worse than you think. On the other hand, you could develop unhealthy paranoia for an existing condition when the truth is actually milder than you feared. To erase all doubt, get good counseling services from a Matt McTeague, certified Ohio Columbus therapist.

Consultation and Counseling

External stressors such as financial issues, relationship difficulties, trauma (past and present) and substance abuse are all more common than you might think and can cause difficulties with your mental health and daily living. These problems will command your attention, often bringing with them a considerable degree of stress.

The right type of counseling could help you get out of your depression or whatever wash-rinse-repeat cycle you might feel stuck in. This is where you need to consult with Matt McTeague. All you have to do is to book an appointment/session. You can then share your feelings with an empathic professional who will listen for as long as necessary and provide you with strategies that help you handle your stressors and concerns for a better, much improved life!

Matt McTeague provides professional counseling in Columbus Ohio. In therapy sessions, you are guaranteed complete anonymity and confidentiality.

When Should You Schedule a Session with a Columbus Ohio Therapist?

Whenever you feel worried, down, and depressed, that’s the time to schedule a therapy session. If you reside in Columbus, Ohio, all you have to do is check out Matt McTeague online and fill out the form on the website.

If you or someone close to you require counseling in Columbus Ohio, Matt McTeague is who you want to talk to. He’s compassionate, and will work with you to navigate through this tough time.


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