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  • Matt McTeague

Key Things to Expect from Marriage Counseling

Marital relationships can be complex, making it crucial to seek marriage counseling during this important life journey. However, many couples are hesitant to talk to a skilled marriage therapist. 

This article highlights the importance of marriage counseling, things to expect during marriage counseling, and more. With a clearer understanding of what couple’s therapy entails, you can be better informed about its benefits for your marriage and embark on the process. 

Why is marriage therapy essential for couples?

Marriage is not always a bed of roses, which is why counseling is essential for couples at different stages. Many couples struggle with communicating their feelings at some point, while others can become outright hostile to the other.

Even with healthy relationships, marriage therapy can help strengthen bonds and understand the small compromises that ought to be made to keep the marriage going.

Understanding the importance of communication

More often than not, poor or non-existent communication is at the heart of most disagreements with couples. During couples therapy, you learn to communicate with each other in a neutral, open space, free from judgment from a third party, and under the watchful eye of a professional with years of experience in dealing with communication-related issues. If the discussion devolves into near-open conflict, you can expect the therapist to intervene.

What tools and techniques can you learn in marriage counseling?

Here are a few techniques you can learn during marriage therapy:

  • Insightful discussions to unravel the source of conflict rather than pointless arguments.

  • Tools of reconciliation such as dates, speaking your partner’s love language, and fun activities.

  • Understanding the importance of not allowing conflicts to fester, instead resolving them as quickly as they come up.

  • Recognizing your boiling point and learning self-calming techniques to prevent hurtful arguments. 

What happens during marriage counseling sessions?

Here’s what happens during couple’s therapy:

  • The initial meeting

For your first session, you’ll meet the therapist as a couple rather than individually. Over the next few sessions, a few individual meetings will be scheduled to help the professional gain some insight into your specific needs.

  • Addressing the history of relationship distress

Next, the therapist will try to assess the cause and source of your issues, such as parenting conflicts, intimacy issues, and communication issues.

It’s important that you both are honest during this assessment. This will help the counselor better narrow down the main issues to be worked on.

  • Goal setting

The next step is to set goals so you and your partner can experience more positive interactions and connectedness.

For couples therapy to work, you must find balance when working on relationship issues with your partner. The therapist’s job is to find a plan that fits your needs and promotes healing and positivity, regardless of the outcome. 

Build a stronger, more resilient bond in your marriage 

Whether you are facing communication issues or simply want to deepen the connection between you and your spouse, couples therapy can offer the support you need. 

As an experienced and licensed marriage counselor, I can help you find balance in your relationship and provide you with the guidance and tools you need to forge on, stronger and more connected. Connect with me today. 


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