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  • Matt McTeague

Suffer From Anxiety? Here are Some Easy Ways to Get Through Your Day Easier

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

For some, the pressure at work gets to them and they live with tension, scared to lose their jobs and having to stand the abuse of an over demanding boss.

For others, they are burdened with the diagnosis of a terminal ailment, or have to cope with family members with chronic physical or psychological issues. Whatever the cause, anxiety could lead to further complications.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Here are some easy tips to help you get through your day easier.

Engage in physical activity

In cases of extreme anxiety, steady participation in physical activity can significantly boost mental health. Results from 49 studies show that regular exercise can lead to large reductions in anxiety. In addition, regular physical exertion was found to reduce the risk of falling into depression.

Belly breathing

Belly breathing is a time-honored technique that helps to reduce anxiety by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system, forcing the body into relaxation mode.

Constant anxiety may lead to panic attacks, putting you at risk of worse mental health issues. Dealing with it daily is hard enough without seeking a coping mechanism, and few techniques are as efficient as belly breathing.

Belly breathing involves taking slow deep breaths from the lower abdomen, in the diaphragm area, as opposed to regular breaths. Repeat it as often as possible daily, and you’ll concentrate less on the sources of the anxiety and more on your daily tasks.

Schedule your worry time

This may appear counterproductive. After all, the goal is to combat anxiety.

However, it is hard to eliminate anxiety altogether without dealing with the root cause. Some root causes have no fix, while others will only sort themselves out and revert to normal over time.

While you may not have complete control over specific anxiety-causing difficulties that occur in life, it is wise and efficient to schedule a time every day to reflect and consider the sources of your anxiety. It takes strong discipline, but you can schedule a few minutes each day for this and occupy the rest of your time with meaningful activity.

Be deliberate about healthy dieting

Constant anxiety can easily lead to unhealthy eating and drinking patterns, which will, in turn, lead to worse issues like disordered eating, obesity, malnutrition, and alcoholism.

Anxiety often makes many turn to caffeine, alcohol, or food for relief. While the euphoric feeling may last for a short while, it’s never a permanent solution and constitutes addiction problems that are dangerous for your health.

Be conscious about what you eat daily, and make out time to prepare and get healthy food, drinks, and snacks to avoid falling into bad diet habits.

Best of all, get help by talking with a licensed therapist.

I provide a safe space for people and use a multifaceted approach to help them overcome barriers so they can find lasting peace and happiness in their personal lives. Get help now.


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