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  • Matt McTeague

Save Your Relationship! The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make and How to Avoid Them

Relationships are not always characterized by laughter, sweet moments, and loving-tenderness. Misunderstandings and fights are sometimes inevitable as relationships are between two people with different backgrounds and personalities. Many couples also make mistakes that further aggravate the problems. This article will discuss the biggest of these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Expecting your partner to read your mind

Expecting your partner to know what you want or need without being vocal about it is a terrible mistake. Your partner is human and doesn’t have superpowers. As such, they will and can not know what you think unless you tell them. Instead of being resentful and angry over things you assume are obvious and your partner should know, express yourself.

Bringing up sensitive topics without prior notice

Due to their sensitive nature, some topics need proper scheduling before you can discuss them. For instance, discussing having kids and the number of kids you want over the phone and when your partner is at work is not ideal. Knowing their state of mind should be your first concern before beginning the discussion.

Thinking your perception is the only perception

You must have been in a situation where something happened to you both, and how you remember what happened is entirely different from how your partner remembers everything. This is due to perception, as how you see and experience that particular situation differs from how another person perceives it.

Therefore, no matter how different you both remember the situation, don’t dwell so much on the details to avoid unnecessary fight.

Thinking sexual issues don’t matter

If, as a couple, you are both not on the same page about sexual intimacy, it is a huge problem. A good sex life solves almost half of a couple’s problems, as it is hard to stay angry at someone you are that close and intimate with.

When there’s an issue about intimacy, it shouldn’t be taken lightly or swept under the carpet but should be discussed and get help when necessary.

Attacking your partner’s behavior

There will be a time when your partner will act in a way that doesn’t sit well with you. Instead of getting frustrated and lashing out at them, try to make them understand exactly how their actions make you feel.

Lashing out instead of expressing your feelings will make your partner get defensive rather than seeing reasons with you and probably adjusting and apologizing at the end of the day.

Relationships are not perfect. But you can go the extra mile to make yours work

Relationships are not easy, but they are worth it when two people intentionally make it work. Misunderstandings are inevitable, but making a conscious effort to resolve issues amicably without making these mistakes is the right thing to do.

Avoid assumptions. Finally, whatever and however you feel, don’t hesitate to communicate it. Consider therapy and counseling for your marriage and relationship by contacting me today.


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