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  • Matt McTeague

New Year, New You: Ditch the Past, Embrace the Future

Now is the time to close the chapter of the going year, leaving behind things that aren't helpful anymore. 

As you prepare to enter the new year with an idea of what you want to achieve, it's important not to carry over last year's burdens. Here's what you need to do before the new year rolls around:

Get rid of your to-do list

The crumpled to-do list on your fridge might seem like an accomplishment, but it may be holding you back. It's time to free yourself from its weight. 

If something is worth doing on the list, now is the time. Otherwise, acknowledge that some of those goals were just exciting ideas. 

Instead of dwelling on what's undone, cherish every bit of your achievements, no matter how small. Embrace the new year as an opportunity for a clean slate, unburdened by past obligations.

Carry out relationship reassessment

Sometimes, wait and reflect on the relationships in your life. Are they draining up your positivity or casting doubt over your days? Direct your energy towards people who uplift and motivate you, and consider severing ties with those who constantly drain your spirits. 

You should also surround yourself with individuals who inspire you rather than those who weigh you down, creating an environment that breeds support and encouragement.

Let go of regrets

Everyone battles inner critics, but when they start making you blame yourself every time for missing targets, it's a big problem.

Try to understand the moments that trigger self-blame, where you criticize yourself excessively, dimming your brilliance. It's time to face these negative thoughts, challenge their validity, and rewrite the stories you tell yourself. Take charge of your inner voice, steering it towards positivity and self-empowerment.

Focus on behavior, not the outcome

Avoid focusing exclusively on your new year targets, and remember that the end is only as good as the means.

Often, it's not so much achieving the goals that matters than you undergoing the defining processes leading up to the outcome. So, immerse yourself in the activities and sacrifices you make before achieving your goals. 

Make declarations

Now that the end of the year is in sight, prepare your mind for positive thinking by making declarations. Your New Year declarations need not be written out. Instead, calm your mind and get into a deep state of meditation, mentally declaring the changes you'll aspire to in the new year. 

Inspire yourself

Don't worry about the common traditional resolutions; make those resolutions yourself! Consider what sets your soul on fire and strive to discover that initial spark. Then, nurture it into a burning passion that lights up your path throughout the year. 

Find activities you're passionate about, and pursue them actively as you push towards a more fulfilling and vibrant year ahead.

Unleash the new You in the new year 

So, ditch the guilt, embrace the growth, and paint the canvas of your year with vibrant dreams. This isn't about reinventing yourself; it's about unleashing the person you've always been waiting to be. 

I'm a licensed therapist and counselor and will happily provide you with professional guidance throughout the year. 


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