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  • Matt McTeague

8 Tips to Help You Deal With Holiday Stress

The holiday season, with its many physical and social activities, can quickly drain you, especially if you’re planning a trip or hosting many guests.

Amid the cooking, shopping, cleaning, decorations, and drives, you can quickly get stressed, which can take out some of the fun elements of the festivity for you. Here are a few ways to help you deal with the stress:

1. Plan ahead

Planning your schedules and activities ahead can help you avoid rushing and crash-planning when the festivities are at their height. Having to deal with several unforeseen issues can quickly stress you out, so plan ahead.

2. Carry out meditation exercises

The constant strain on all your senses can leave you feeling worn out and paper thin, affecting your focus as you prepare for the holidays.

Taking time out for mindful meditation can help you recalibrate and is an exercise that can rejuvenate you, leaving you mentally refreshed each time.

3. Create relaxing surroundings

Your surroundings directly impact your state of mind. A chaotic or noisy space can quickly stress you out, so take steps to preserve your sanity.

The right lights, calm music, and scents can chase away feelings of mental stress and help you focus on the tasks at hand.

4. Maintain healthy habits

The holidays are no excuse to overeat, as doing so may be the beginning of an unhealthy habit that will be hard to break out of further down the line. Eating healthy benefits your body and mind, giving you the resilience to ward off stress.

5. Share your feelings

Families that have lost loved ones or have conflicting ideals may feel more stressed than usual during the holiday season.

Feel free to share your feelings and take comfort in the strength of those around you, and the resulting bonding will do wonders for your mental health.

6. Don’t overdo things

Feelings of stress often come when you're strained beyond reasonable limits. Rather than do this, enlist help when you can and conserve enough energy to enjoy the festivity.

7. Maintain your regular schedules

Although the prevailing excitement in the atmosphere can make you throw caution out of the window, ignoring your regular schedules will only stress you out quicker.

Avoid the temptation to socialize beyond the reasonable time limit, and get enough sleep, exercise, and rest in between.

8. Avoid overspending

Instead of spending time worrying about how to impress your guests or purchase gifts for everyone around, work within your budget and avoid overspending.

Remember, there will be many more holidays to enjoy with your loved ones, so stay financially responsible.

Enjoy every bit of the holidays - without the stress!

If you’re already undergoing therapy, you shouldn’t quit it simply because of the holidays. If you aren’t but need professional advice on how to unwind and make the best of the festive mood for your mental benefit, a therapist can help you.

I’m Matt McTeague, a licensed professional therapist available to assist you this holiday season. Give me a call today.


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