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What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


As a therapist, I care deeply about providing a safe, non-judgmental space for reflection, honesty, and vulnerability. With my style of therapy, the aim is to help people overcome obstacles and self-imposed barriers they may face so that they can flourish in their personal lives. I utilize a multi-faceted approach that includes various types of therapeutic interventions including cognitive-behavioral, strength-based, person-first, solution-focused, and direct reality-based psychodynamic style.

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

SAD Symptoms, Signs, Definition, & Treatments

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a form of depression that generally occurs during the fall and winter months. SAD is thought to be caused by the reduced amount of sunlight during these months, which can disrupt the body's natural circadian rhythms. However, some people experience summer depression, which is less common but may be related to the increased heat, humidity, and longer days that come along with the summer months.

Seasonal affective disorder can have a significant impact on a person's mental health. Individuals with SAD may experience depression, anxiety, and fatigue. They may also have difficulty concentrating and problems with motivation. SAD can be very disabling and can significantly reduce a person's quality of life.

People with SAD may experience a number of symptoms, including:

- Feeling depressed most of the day, nearly every day
- Loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable
- Difficulty concentrating
- Fatigue and low energy
- Changes in appetite or weight
- Thoughts of death or suicide

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it's important to reach out to a mental health professional for help. With treatment, most people with SAD can feel better. Treatment options for SAD include light therapy, psychotherapy, and medication. If you think you may be suffering from SAD, it's important to talk to a mental health professional such as Matt McTeague in order to get a proper diagnosis and find the best treatment option for you.

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"I came to Matt with a desire to change my life, but was having a very hard time making the changes I needed to make. I was not being honest with myself and didn't feel in control of my life. Matt helped me realize that being honest with myself and seizing control of my own life was something I could do, and that it was up to me to make my life what I wanted it to be. Matt was patient and celebrated my accomplishments while encouraging me to get back up when I was down. I've grown a lot during the time I've known Matt, and I'm thankful for him and proud of myself."

-Tommy B.

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